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Creating a people-first experience within a numbers-driven industry. Project scope includes brand strategy, identity design, product/UX, design, front-end development, vendor management, and art direction.

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Within 5 years since its inception as a local startup, Homepoint has become the third largest wholesale mortgage company in the nation. To support its continued growth and the stealth IPO efforts, Homepoint decided to refresh its brand presence and communication strategy.

By the time I joined, external agencies had already been working on significant chunks of visual branding and marketing website projects. As a design director, I became responsible for further finalizing the identity development, creating a compelling verbal and visual brand narrative, and continously collaborating with all areas of the company—product, engineering, marketing, legal, analytics, real estate, and more—to keep improving the brand experience for customers.


Brand strategy, design direction, UX/UI design, front-end engineering


Brand strategy

Working closely with Chief Experience Officer, I helped define Homepoint's brand fundamentals and developed a strategic communication framework with verbal branding guidelines.

Brand strategy summary deck

Visual identity


Based on the wordmark proposed by the agency, we tweaked small details and created a series of mark variations for parent and sister companies as well as a variety of digital applications.

Logo for primary operation
Logo for parent company
Logos for digital app & sister companies

Color palette

To highlight its energetic and approachable personality, we crafted a palette of vivid hues in high saturation. Also, each hue provides 10 levels of lightness tints to ensure proper contrast in any combination.

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Brand Colors

Light Blue

#0D9BD5RGB: 13/155/213CMYK: 76/24/2/0PMS: 299C


#0C3258RGB: 12/50/88CMYK: 100/84/39/32PMS: 648C


#23D58CRGB: 35/213/140CMYK: 67/0/64/0PMS: 7479C
Support Colors

Sky 500

#33A1CERGB: 51/161/206CMYK: 75/22/0/19PMS: TBD

Grass 500

#40BF8BRGB: 64/191/139CMYK: 66/0/27/25PMS: TBD

Turquoise 500

#46B7B2RGB: 70/183/178CMYK: 62/0/3/28PMS: TBD

Eggplant 500

#A54AB5RGB: 165/74/181CMYK: 9/59/0/29PMS: TBD

Plum 500

#7842BDRGB: 120/66/189CMYK: 37/65/0/26PMS: TBD

Lemon 500

#FFB000RGB: 255/176/0CMYK: 0/31/100/0PMS: TBD

Orange 500

#E4711ERGB: 228/113/30CMYK: 0/50/87/11PMS: TBD

Berry 500

#C23F6BRGB: 194/63/107CMYK: 0/68/45/24PMS: TBD

Cool Gray 500

#628C9DRGB: 98/140/157CMYK: 38/11/0/38PMS: TBD

Neutral Gray 500

#808080RGB: 128/128/128CMYK: 0/0/0/50PMS: TBD

Website launch

Revealing the new brand identity, a redesigned website has also launched. Internally, I worked closely with stakeholders to understand their various needs and to assess the old website, and helped define a new sitemap and its UX structure. Externally, I collaborated tightly in front-end code base with the development agency and its project management needs. Post-launch, I ultimately took over the repo and have been maintaining the code.

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Homepoint website user segment toggle User segment toggle

Environmental graphics and swags

Office interior


Homepoint company swags

Homepoint company swags

Homepoint company swags

Homepoint company swags

Digital design system

Insert elements here

Product design

HOP, The Point, Launchpad elements here

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