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Weather Station

Personalized weather station that tells you everything—the time of sunrise and sunset, as well as current and upcoming weather forecast in hourly and daily increments.

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Weather Station


Self-initiated, open source


Design, development

built with

React, Gatsby, SVG/CSS animation, Open Weather API


While weather forecast is usually only a tap away, no single weather app presented the particular set of information I'm interested in the particular way I want them. Using the OpenWeather API I built a custom weather station to always provide the family with a straightforward forecast for the hour.

Key Features

  • Light & dark mode

  • Animated weather icon

  • At a glance view of:

    • Current weather and sunrise/sunset time of the day
    • Highest and lowest daily temperature for the next 7 days
    • Average hourly temperature for the next 24 hours
    • Precipitation prediction for upcoming hours and days

Animated icons with dark mode support

SVG weather icons in CSS animation (modified from amCharts graphics)

Viewing modes: current, hourly, and daily

Current weather Current weather: light and dark mode

Current weather Hourly forecast for the next 24 hours: light and dark mode

Current weather Daily forecast for the next 7 days: light and dark mode

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