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Mortgage Dance

Provide straightforward and hassle-free access to understanding mortgage concepts and intuitive tools to plan homeownership

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Mortgage Dance


Self-initiated, open source


Design, development

built with

React, Gatsby, Dinero.js, Chart.js, Fuse.js


Mortgage is complicated and full of unfamiliar concepts. While there are plenty of resources online—e.g. calculators, articles, glossaries, videos—I couldn't yet find a beginner-friendly and ad-free collection, so I decided to build one.

Key Features

  • Mortgage glossary with fuzzy search

  • A variety of mortgage calculators with visual charts

    • Basic mortgage calculator
    • Affordability calculator
    • Amortization schedule calculator


  • Create "Mortgage fundamentals" visual content as a resource

  • Add other useful calculator modules

  • Edit glossary entries

  • Expand "Additional resources"

Visual snapshots

Mortgage calculator

Mortgage Dance: Calculator Dynamic calculation of basic inputs: largely based on

Mortgage glossary

Mortgage Dance: Glossary Mortgage Glossary: terms and definitions collected from multiple online sources

Mortgage Dance: Glossary with search Mortgage Glossary: fuzzy search powered by Fuse.js

Affordability calculator

Mortgage Dance: Affordability calculator Calculating affordability based on multiple factors: largely based on

Amortization schedule calculator

Mortgage Dance: Amortization schedule calculator Calculating amortization schedule based on basic inputs: largely based on

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