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Kaleidoscope Teaser

If you could voluntarily trigger involuntary memory and visceral emotions, would you?

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Kaleidoscope Teaser


Motion designer, writer


After Effects


Senses, especially smell or taste, can trigger powerful and vivid memoriesand emotionsof the past, as is often referred to as involuntary memory or the Proust Effect. Should a childhood comfort food prompt nostalgic emotions, what if we could trigger such involuntary memories voluntarily?

In this conceptual piece, I imagined a restaurant that serves food to evoke memories and emotions. A guest chooses a menu, selects the kind of memories to trigger (like, "I'm in the mood for some bitter-sweet memories today"), and gets served with involuntary memory as they eat.

Kaleidoscope is a metaphoric reference to dream-like yet vivid emotional quality of Proustian moments, and naturally lends itself to kaleidoscopic aesthetics throughout the video to set the tone.

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