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Deliver the content fast and securely at near zero load time, provide an intuitive experience for the users, and continue to expand user functionalities without fighting the CMS.

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Homepoint Website






Design, development, vendor management


React, Next.js, TypeScript, Chakra UI


The company was about to launch complete rebranding and go public on NASDAQ, and the old .NET site had desperately needed a clean-up. Some of the top priorities were:

  • Organize the content in a more sensible and intuitive structure for users

  • Provide a faster, more flexible workflow for marketing team

  • Build a more reliable way of auditing compliance content for legal team

  • Make it seamless and painless to further expand front-end functionality without worrying about CMS backend


Partnering with Zeek Interactive as the development agency, we decided to rearchitect the entire site on a frontend-first stack. Initially Gatsby on Gatsby Cloud was considered, but later switched to Next.js due to build time concerns. The end result is a fully responsive, super-fast, Jamstack website which users and stakeholders are excited alike.


  • Led the content audit of the previous website

  • Outlined site sitemap and wireframed each area

  • Directed the content team for writing and editing

  • Collaborated with Zeek in writing front-end

  • Post-launch, continuing to refactor and expand the code base

Feature Highlights

  • Seamless dark/light mode support

  • B2B and B2C user segment toggle for better targeted content delivery

  • A collection of custom-built consumer mini-apps (also designed and developed by yours truly)

  • Consuming a variety of content sources via markdown, json, and jsx



Homepoint website user segment toggle User segment toggle

Homepoint website dark mode toggle Dark & light mode toggle

Homepoint website events page Events page: consuming markdown files via API

Embedded Consumer Apps

Homepoint website mortgage calculator Mortgage calculator

Homepoint website mortgage glossary Mortgage glossary

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