Bumhan Yu

Bumhan “B” Yu

Designer who writes front-end code—with a career built around psychology, communications, design, and technology. Big believer in design thinking and scientific methods. Experienced across advertising, branding, and software, and financial industries.

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Sr/Lead Product Designer


Software • IT

IC role with a heavy emphasis on DesignOps and leadership support. Maintain and expand design system and its components while developing governance and success metrics around them. Collaborate with broader product, design, and engineering teams to help establish a stronger UX patterns and solutions. Focus areas include:

  • Building out UX/UI/IxD patterns and maintaining the design system with semantic versioning
  • Ensuring color consistency, accessibility, and flexibility in charts/graphs
  • Facilitating collaboration between product, engineering, and design teams
  • Prototyping and developing internal proof-of-concepts in React
  • Helping to manage projects and guiding junior designers




Teaching and mentoring design students on technical and theoretical topics in design fundamentals and UX/UI practices. Currently teaching:

  • Design 101
  • UI & UX Design
  • Design Foundations
  • UX Academy

Design Director


Financial Services

Responsible for ensuring consistent brand experience via visual, motion, verbal, and UX design. Collaborate with marketing, engineering, and product design teams to develop solutions that drive measurable results. Guide direct reports and manage external vendors. Accomplishments include:

  • Leading the corporate rebrand and developing the branding strategy
  • Outlining brand guidelines and developing the tooling in React/Gatsby
  • Designing, developing, and launching the new website in React/Next.JS
  • Prototyping and developing various proof-of-concept applications in React
  • Creating a roadmap and leading the UX design for major B2B application

Brand Designer

Updater Inc.

Software • IT

Manage all brand communications, creative-direct and execute a variety of marketing materials, and participate in UI/UX design of the product features. Collaborate with engineering and product teams. Accomplishments include:

  • Developing branding strategy, visual identity, and design system
  • Establishing the new design system in React
  • Designing, developing, and launching the new website in custom stack
  • Designing and developing internal tools for marketing team in React
  • Leading several major feature releases as a product designer

Digital Solutionist

The Moderns Ltd.

Branding Agency

Project-manage, develop and execute digital & non-digital design solutions to various branding, communications, and marketing challenges. Manage client relations and help organize brand workshops. Responsibilities include:

  • Developing brand strategy and visual identity systems
  • Creating communication design and motion graphics
  • Lead UI/UX design and create wireframes
  • Develop front-end/digital deliverable

Lead Designer/Developer

Young & Rubicam Group

Advertising Agency

Provide creative and technical solutions for advertising & marketing via various channels of print, interactive, and motion media as a team lead. Collaborate with other teams and functions. Responsibilities include:

  • Visual identity systems
  • Typography-based designs and editorial layout
  • New business pitch materials, ad materials for print/digital/outdoor media
  • Custom digital deliverables, including motion, websites, ads, and emails



d.MBA, Certificate

Business training specifically built for designers, covering business concepts, models and methods, strategy, and metrics.

Communications Design

Pratt Institute, M.S.

Graduated with Distinction, with focus on digital design and communications.

Clinical & Counseling Psychology

Korea Univeristy, M.A. (incomplete)

One year coursework completed. Participated in a research program as a co-author.

Linguistics & Psychology

Korea Univeristy, B.A.

Graduaded Cum Laude, double-major.

Skills & Expertise

Visual Design

Branding & identity, motion design, UX/UI, typography, data visualization

Front-End Code

JavaScript/TypeScript, React/Gatsby/Next.JS, Node.JS tooling, CSS-in-JS, HTML/CSS

Software Tools

Adobe CC, Figma, Sketch, Principle, Git, Visual Studio Code, command-line shell

Soft Skills

Verbal & written communications, constant learning, team-first mindset


Millitary Disciplined

Served in ROK Army. Result-oriented, team-first, and stress-tested. Has an ego as tiny as an ant.

Veteran Translator

Skilled communicator with cross-cultural and multidisciplinary perspectives

Problem Solving

Calm disposition and detail-orientation while investigating solutions under stress

Other Titles

Husband, dad, marathoner, black belt, agnostic, omnivore, guitar/piano lover

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