Bye bye 2017, a peculiar year.

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The past few years has presented with plenty of life changes to me: marriage, parenthood, address change(s), career junctures, and—you know—stuff.

An unforgetable year

2017, especially, was peculiar for me. It makes it a decade that I lived in New York, it made me a dad, and it made me a professor. (Peculiar and unforgettable—in politics and social justice too, of course, but that’s that.)

I believe in human connections, and a part of what I am is because of you.

Ten years since military service, ten years since my grandmother’s passing, eight months into parenthood—lately I’ve pondered a lot about life and death, and looked back at all the people I’ve encountered so far along the way.

I believe in human connections, and that a part of what I am is because of you, however large or small. And I thank you for that. Hopefully, I could contribute something to your being as well.

2017 was a challenging year for manyfor a variety of reasons. I hope it was a solid year for you nonetheless, and I wish you a better year of 2018.

Happy new year! Let’s stay in touch!

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